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TC Reztech

Web Design and Management for Small Business

We start out by creating a very affordable and simple web presence, which can later grow alongside your business.

Search Engine results (such as Google) can be a conduit for new local or global business opportunities.

Building Your Website
Provide us with one of your business cards and up to 25 images.

We will create a simple website with a slideshow to visually convey your products or services. Example

Final Tweaks
If you agree to purchase your website, we will then have a final consultation, add any necessary content to optimize search engine results and ensure that you have an effective final product.

Call for a FREE phone consultation or to schedule an appointment today!

We can then deploy your new website or you can simply download the files from us and use them on your web host of choice.

Room to Grow
If later, you find that you require more content, we can certainly create new pages and add them to your website. It is designed with growth in mind. Example

Effective Content
The more applicable the content, the better the likelihood of your website being returned with search engine results of potential customers.

Be found, by a completely new market! If you don't have a web presence yet, it is likely that your small business is missing out on new local and global clientele.

Hosting and Management Services Available
Allow us to be your one stop shop for building, deploying, and managing your small business website.

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