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Electronics & Remote Control

Remote Control Consolidation
Control all of your AV equipment with your mobile phone or tablet. Put all of those remote controls away...you don't need them anymore!

Sanitary Environment
Every user can control the system using their own smart phone. Great for situations where shared remotes promote the spread of germs or sickness. No more sharing one remote control!

With remote control over wifi (smart phone, tablet, computer), you are not limited to "line of sight" as with traditional remotes. If you have a wifi connection, you have control!

Custom User Interfaces
We design custom remote control software interfaces, based on your devices. Customization options are virtually endless.

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Environment Management
Existing mobile technology with a few add-on devices can control temperature, lighting or other electronic equipment and household appliances.

Scheduling and monitor functions can ensure that routine procedures are automatically executed. Automation of lighting, heating and cooling , and sprinkler systems can all be run on routine schedules.

Other Electronics
Do you have any other electronic devices not behaving? We're familiar with lots of other electronic equipment. If you're having trouble with another type of device, it doesn't hurt to ask us about it.

Home or Office

Installation of Electronics & Remote Control Systems

Troubleshooting and Repair Services for existing Electronics & Remote Control Systems

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